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Here is a tabulation of recent additions and changes to the website so you don’t have to waste time looking for new and revised content. Enjoy!

D/ate Action Page Title Description
125/10/17 Revised Israel in Conflict Added links to a four-part sermon series by Messianic Rabbi Greg Hershberg (Beth Yeshua International, Macon, Georgia) that explains the truth about the so-called “Israel/Arab Conflict” from a Biblical perspective.
06/08/17 Revised A Few Reasons Why I Choose to Not Celebrate Christ’s Mass Did an almost total re-write adding a significant amount of new material.
05/26/17 New Rickard Leavitt Sawyer: An Autobiography I wrote this autobiography as part of a genealogy research project, a three-volume compilation of the history of some of my better well-known ancestors and relatives, The Leavitts of New England, and felt that I might as well include it here.
01/28/17 New Some Thoughts on Diversity, Inclusion, and Racism My response to a local “community conversation” on January 16, 2017 about “diversity and inclusion in our area.”
10/26/16 Revised Vocabulary Matters Added some additional thoughts
09/11/16 Revised Home Added some additional thoughts about the Lordship of King Messiah in the life of a Believer
08/31/16 Revised What the Torah Says About Israel (A Summary) Revised existing content and added new content
08/30/16 Revised An Introduction to the Science of Theology: Lesson 5: The Absolute Essentials of Messianic Doctrine Did a total re-write
08/30/16 Revised What is Replacement Theology? Added numerous scripture references
08/29/16 New Messianic Issues Added a new page to the “Other Matters” section of systematic theology
08/29/16 New About Other Matters Added a new section of systematic theology
08/29/16 Revised An Introduction to the Science of Theology: Lesson 4: Getting Down to Basics Made some minor revisions to existing content and add a couple of new ideas
08/29/16 Revised An Introduction to the Science of Theology: Lesson 3. Counterfeit Religion and the Last Days Expanded upon existing content and added some new ideas
08/28/16 Revised An Introduction to the Science of Theology: Lesson 2. Essentials of Biblical Interpretation Expanded upon existing content and added some new ideas
08/28/16 Revised An Introduction to the Science of Theology: Lesson 1. First Things First Expanded upon existing content and added some new ideas
08/28/16 Revised Theology 101: An Introduction to the Science of Theology I expanded upon a few of the ideas on this page
08/28/16 Revised Developing a Systematic Messianic Theology Finally got this page “finished” (at least for now). This is the index to the Theology section.
08/28/16 Revised About Mashiach (Summary) Updated content, added new footnotes, created a pdf version for downloading
07/29/16 Revised The Model for the Messianic Community Contains new and significantly revised material
07/29/17 Revised The Model for the Messianic Community (printable pdf) Contains new and significantly revised material
07/13/16 New Hebrew Roots or Messianic Judaism? I explore some of the essential differences between the Hebrew Roots movement and Messianic Judaism
06/08/16 Revised Random Thoughts Added a few new ideas.
05/08/16 Revised Messianic Gerut (Conversion) Added a few points; clarified a few points
05/08/16 Revised Summary Statement of Faith Clarified several points and added numerous hyperlinks
04/17/16 Revised Why Obey Torah Added a few new thoughts and made some minor revisions.
04/17/16 New Random Thoughts Ideas that occur to me that may or may not be of any significance, may or may not make any sense to anyone, and may or may not ever actually become web pages.
04/17/16 Revised Torah and “Legalism” Added additional content.
03/04/16 Revised Mattityahu (Mathew) Uploaded text and comments for chapters 14-18
03/02/16 Revised Galatians Completed my version, comments, and notes on the letter
02/28/16 New Galatians Uploaded the HNV text of the letter and began working on my paraphrase and first preliminary notes
02/25/16 Revised Mattityahu (Mathew) Uploaded text and comments for chapters 10 thru 13
01/18/16 Revised Mattityahu (Mathew) Added “Introductory Notes and Outline”
01/15/07 Revised Mattityahu (Mathew) Added text and comments for chapters five thru nine
01/15/16 Revised Why I No Longer Call Myself Christian Added new content
01/11/16 Revised Witnessing to Jewish Friends Added new content
01/10/16 Revised The 613 Mitzvot Added some introductory comments. (Still under construction)
01/09/16 Revised What I Believe Added Content
01/06/16 New Mattityahu (Mathew) Uploaded first four chapters of text and comments
12/27/15 Revised What is Messianic Judaism? Added links to an excellent video series that describes Messianic Judaism
12/26/15 Revised The Moadim: God’s Appointed Times Major re-write
12/19/15 Revised Table of Contents Almost all pages on the site are now in the TOC
12/07/15 Revised Shabbat and the Moadim Added content
12/07/15 New Link to Us Easy ways to link to this web site
12/07/15 New Messianic Teaching Sites Sites that provide Messianic teaching
12/07/15 New Anti-Semitic Sites Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel sites
12/07/15 New Information Links Section A new section for web links
12/06/15 Revised Some reasons why we choose
to not celebrate Christ Mass
Revised existing content and added links to external supporting articles
12/04/15 New Impeach Baraq Hussein A Call for the Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama
12/04/15 New Anti-Messiah Watch It’s time for us to start vigilantly watching for the appearance of the Anti-Messiah
12/02/15 Revised Articles Index Created a new index page for the Articles section
12/02/15 Revised What We Believe About the Holy Community Minor text revisions and new content added
11/29/15 Revised Home Page Added new content
11/29/15 Revised If You Disagree …Added some new thoughts and revised others; fixed a couple of broken links
11/27/15 Revised What is a Cult?Added “The Bottom Line” to existing content
11/26/15 Revised Islam Section IndexRepaired several broken links and added new content
11/24/15 Revised Moadim: God’s Appointed TimesAdded the Scripture passages giving the dates that HaShem has appointed as His appointed times
11/23/15 New The Twelfth ImamWho is the Twelfth Imam and what is his agenda?
11/21/15Revised “Conversion” to Messianic JudaismAdded a few additional thoughts
11/21/15 New Messiah and the MahdiThe Quran’s description of the Islamic Twelfth Imam, or Mahdi, exactly matches the Bible’s description of the Antichrist
11/17/15RevisedWhere Did the “Church” Come From?Some editorial revisions to clarify a few concepts
11/10/15Revised Replacement TheologyAdded a link to a video message
11/09/15RevisedDeveloping a Systematic Messianic Theology (Draft)Added new content and created links to articles in this section
11/09/15RevisedWhy Obey Torah?Added new content
10/27/15NewBabylon’s Mystery ReligionThe source of all false religions (including the pagan aspects of Christianity)
10/27/15Revised About This VersionAdded additional comments about my own rendering and commentary on the Scrptures
10/23/15NewNephilimWho or what were the Nephilim?
10/16/15RevisedB'reisheet (Genesis)Completed(?) my translation and comments on Parashah Noach (Genesis 1:1-6:8)
10/14/15NewB'reisheet (Genesis)Completed(?) my translation and comments on Parashah B'reisheet (Genesis 6:9-11:32)
10/02/15RevisedAbout This WebsiteAdded a few additional comments
10/02/15RevisedMoadimAdded Holy Days for 2018 and 2019
10/02/15RevisedHome PageAdded a few paragraphs about What America Needs to Know About Radical Islam, with a link to the article
10/01/15RevisedWhat America Needs to Know About Radical IslamSignificant content added, with some minor additional revisions
09/26/15NewTable of ContentsI finally got a Table of Contents built that is mostly usable
09/25/15RevisedA Refutation of Classic Dispensational TheologyMinor textual revisions and additions; added an audio file on the subject
09/24/15RevisedThe Good News According to Yochanan (John)Finished(?) my paraphrase and notes on chapter 1
09/23/15RevisedHeaven or the Kingdom?Added some new content
09/21/15NewShimini Atzeret/ Simchat TorahParashah for Shimini Atzeret/ Simchat Torah
09/21/15NewParashah Sukkot IParashah for the first day of Sukkot
09/21/15NewThe Good News of the Kingdom According to LukeFinished(?) my paraphrase and notes on Luke chapter 1
09/18/15RevisedIntroduction to the Gospels and ActsAdditional content added
09/17/15NewThe Good News According to Yochanan (John)Finished my paraphrase of John chapter 7
09/17/15NewParashah Vezot ha’BrachaTorah portion for Shabbat, 3 Oct. 2015
09/16/15NewParashah Ha’azinuTorah portion for Shabbat, 26 Sep. 2015
09/14/15NewParashah VayelechTorah portion for Shabbat, 19 Sep. 2015
09/14/15Revised Parashot IndexPosted new Torah reading schedule for 14 Sep 2015 thru 25 Oct 2016
09/09/15RevisedThe True GospelAdded a few paragraphs about the “partial” gospel
09/09/15RevisedIs the “Rapture” for Real?Why I reject the teaching about the “Rapture”
09/09/15RevisedHomeAdded some comments about “the mystery of the gospel” and updated statistics about Messianic Jewish membership.
09/09/15NewAbout the FutureThis is an in-process page on the theology of future things. It's not done yet, but there is already a lot of information there.
09/04/15RevisedTheology SectionFormat and minor content revisions to 82 pages
09/04/15RevisedTable of ContentsMajor updates
09/04/15RevisedWhat the Torah Says About SinSubstantial revision
09/03/15RevisedWhere Did the “Church” Come From?Fixed several broken links and formatting irregularities, and added a few additional thoughts
09/01/15NewP’yilut HaShliyakim (The Acts of the Emissaries) - Chapter 2My paraphrase and notes for Acts, chapter 2
08/31/15NewP’yilut HaShliyakim (The Acts of the Emissaries) - Chapter 1My paraphrase and notes for Acts, chapter 1
08/29/15NewKi TavoParashot for Shabbat, September 5
08/29/15NewKi TetzeParashot for Shabbat, August 29
08/29/15UpdatedHomeReorganized, added a few comments and notes
08/29/15UpdatedAbout the AuthorAdded a few comments and notes
08/28/15UpdatedEternal LifeAdded additional content and footnotes
08/26/15UpdatedVocabulary Matters Modified some text for clarification; added several new cross-references; changed Scripture quotations from NAS to CJB
07/29/15UpdatedCopyrights and PermissionsAdded Holman Christian Standard Bible® and English Standard Version® copyright and permission to use information
07/29/15UpdatedHome PageAdded section “What This Website is All About”
07/28/15UpdatedWhat America Needs to Understand About Radical IslamAdded some additional thoughts, plus links to additional articles about Islam
05/03/15UpdatedWhy I No Longer Identify Myself as “Christian”Added some additional thoughts to the discussion and corrected some editorial errors
05/02/15UpdatedHomeAdded some thoughts to the definition of Messianic Judaism
05/02/15NewThe True GospelWhat is being taught in Churches today as “the Gospel” is only a part of “the True Gospel”
05/02/15UpdatedHow To Have Eternal Life
04/22/15UpdatedThe GospelsIntroduction to the Gospels
04/21/15NewTwo PhilosophiesHow the Cancer Update Email Hoax and Johns Hopkins’s response demonstrate two different health philosophies
04/21/15NewJohns Hopkins ResponseJohns Hopkins’ response to the Cancer Update Email Hoax
04/21/15NewCancer Update Email HoaxNatural methods of helping the body deal with cancer, falsely attributed to Johns Hopkins
04/21/15NewChinese MedicineAn introduction to the basic philosophy of Chinese Medicine
04/21/15NewNatural Health Modalities
  Natural Health Specialties
A section discussing various forms of Natural Health Practice (5 pages)
04/17/15NewThe Constitution of the United States of AmericaFor those government officials, at all levels of government (including the Supreme Court), who can’t seem to find a copy anywhere else!
04/15/15NewThe Truth About Flu VaccinesWhat the government doesn’t want you to know about “flu shots” — includes numerous streaming videos about the “swine flu” hoax and other natural health topics
04/15/15NewSwine Flu StatisticsSome published statistics supporting the contention that the swine flu pandemic of 2009 was a government-perpetrated hoax of enormous proportions. Are we in "the last days"?
04/15/15NewMaryland Health Gestapo TacticsDemonstrates the lengths to which a tyrannical government will go to control its citizens. Are we in "the last days"?
04/15/15NewGestapo Tactics in “Health Care”Demonstrates the lengths to which a tyrannical government will go to control its citizens  Are we in "the last days"?
04/15/15NewReferenceAdded a new health reference section
04/15/15NewObama's False Health EmergencyHow the Obama administration created a false health emergency to force us into accepting Obamacare
04/15/15NewThe “Swine Flu” HoaxThe truth about the government’s 2009 “Swine Flu” hoax to frighten America into accepting Obamacare
04/15/15NewHepatitis BAssociation of American Physicians & Surgeons objects to mandatory vaccinations
04/15/15RevisedClean vs. Unclean AnimalsScience agrees with Torah about “unclean” animals
04/15/15RevisedPlease Pass [on] the Pork ChopsPig and pork facts
04/15/15NewThe Bible and HealthWhat The Bible Says About Your Health (5 pages)
04/12/15NewDrugstore DangerYou are in far greater danger than you realize when you go to the drug store
04/12/15NewWhat People Say Against Codex AlimentariusWhat People Say: Speaking Out Against Codex, FDA, and AMA
04/12/15NewWhat Codex Alimentarius Means to YouCodex Alimentarius and What It Means To You
04/12/15NewTylenol® DangersAches, Pains and Warning Labels
04/12/15NewOur Battle for Health FreedomMirrored from the International Advocates for Health Freedom
04/12/15NewHerbs Are FoodDietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994
04/12/15NewFDA Reform LegislationPassage of FDA reform legislation protects dietary supplements
04/12/15NewCodex AlimentariusThe secret FDA plan to ban all vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements
04/12/15NewFDA Conflicts of InterestThe FDA has a vested financial interest in Big Pharma
04/12/15NewFDA Advisers Tied to Drug Industry54% of the time, those who advise the FDA have a direct financial interest in the drug or topic they are asked to evaluate
04/12/15NewFDA a Colossal FailureLike most intrusive government programs, the FDA has completely failed the American people
04/12/15NewFDA and the Ephedra HoaxOnce again the federal government has taken away one of your precious constitutional rights, pretending that it was doing so for your benefit.
04/12/15NewA Threat to MankindCodex Alimentarius Commission: A threat to mankind
04/12/15NewHepatitis CThe government’s failure with Hep C
04/12/15NewPrescribed KillersA brief discussion of deaths and hospitalizations caused annually by correctly-prescribed pharmaceuticals
04/12/15NewDeadly DoctorsA brief discussion of the deaths caused by medical “accidents” each year
04/12/15NewFDA FactsLittle-known and shocking facts about the Food and Drug Administration
04/12/15NewNutritional Product Labeling PracticesThere are no “truth in labeling” requirements for herbal products
04/12/15NewNutritional Supplement CautionsSome safety considerations when using nutritional supplements
04/12/15NewHerbs During PregnancyA list of herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy and those that are safe
04/12/15NewHerbs for BabiesA list of herbs commonly used for babies
04/12/15NewHerbs For Expectant MomsA list of herbs commonly used for expecnant
04/12/15NewHerbs for AthletesA list of herbs commonly used for athletes
04/12/15NewHistoric Use of Single HerbsA list of common herbs and their historic use in natural medicine
04/12/15NewHerbal GlossaryA glossary of terms common to the science of herbology
04/12/15NewClassification of HerbsDefinitions of the basic classes of herbs
04/12/15NewIntroduction to HerbologyBasic information about the science of herbology
04/12/15NewSourcesA Bibliography for the Natural Health section
04/12/15NewDisclaimerA “Legal Disclaimer” for the natural health content of the site
04/12/15NewNatural HealthAdded a new section of the website dedicated to natural health information and issues
04/03/15NewThe Truth About “Palestine”A Video History of “Palestine”
04/03/15RevisedTemple Mount Awareness DayAdd a short video 3D image of the Third Temple and "Jerusalem Special Report - The Building of the Third Temple"
03/25/16NewTemple Mount Awareness Day10 Videos from the Temple Institute on the 6th Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day
03/24/15New“Conversion” to Messianic JudaismWhy it is important to not consider Jews who know the Messiah as “Christians”
12/03/14New'AmosMy paraphrase of the prophecy of Amos
12/01/14RevisedThe Good News
According to Yochanan
Completed my paraphrase and commentary on Chapter Two of John’s Gospel Account
11/30/14NewVaYishlachParashot for Shabbat, December 6
11/30/14New`OvadyahMy paraphrase of the book of Obadiah
11/22/14NewVaYetzeParashot for Shabbat, November 29
11/20/14NewChayei SarahParashot for Shabbat, November 15
11/17/14NewParashah ToldotParashot for Shabbat, November 22
10/30/14NewThe Good News According to Yochanan (Chapter 1)Completed my paraphrase and commentary on Chapter One of John’s Gospel Account
10/28/14NewParashah VayeraParashot for Shabbat, November 8
10/27/15NewParashah Lekh L'khaParashot for Shabbat, November 1
10/23/14NewYeshua’s Immersion: “To Fulfill All Righteousness” Why Yeshua's “baptism” was necessary “to fulfill all righteousness”
10/21/14NewBaptism and BetrothalHow the ritual of “water baptism” is related to the Jewish tradition of betrothal
10/21/14NewMessianic GoyimAre non-Jewish Messianic Believers Gentiles or Israelites?
10/21/14NewChrist or the Lodge?Is the Masonic religion compatible with true Biblical faith?
10/14/14Revised“Jesus Christ:” A False Prophet?Added a lot of new ramblings
10/14/14NewParashah NoachParashot for Shabbat, October 25
10/14/14NewParashah B'resheetParashot for Shabbat, October 18
10/13/14NewVerzot HaBrachahThis week's parashot (Scripture portions)
10/12/14RevisedObama’s TSA NazisUpdated page to new format
10/12/14RevisedObama’s Police StateUpdated page to new format
10/12/14RevisedSEC Declares Themselves
Exempt from Freedom
of Information Act
Updated page to new format
10/12/14RevisedRacism in Government and MediaUpdated page to new format
10/12/14RevisedObama vs.
“Subversive” Americans
Updated page to new format
10/12/14RevisedObama Official Linked to Racially Charged Boycott of Glenn BeckUpdated page to new format
10/12/14RevisedDid Glenn Beck Inspire A Man To Plan A Terrorist Attack? Updated page to new format
10/12/14RevisedDOJ Classifies “Constitutionalists” and “Zionists” as Terrorists Updated the formatting to the new layout and fixed some links
10/12/14Revised“The ObamaNation of Desolation” DisclaimerRevised content, updated the formatting to the new layout, and fixed some links
10/12/14RevisedThe ObamaNation of DesolationUpdated the formatting to the new layout and fixed some links
10/10/14NewMattityahu (Matthew)Uploaded a draft version of my paraphrase of the book with notes and comments on the first few chapters
10/10/14RevisedAbout This VersionAdded some additional notes and comments to the page that explains why I am working on my own annotated paraphrase of the Scriptures
10/02/14RevisedShofarsAdded over 40 new shofars and shofar-related gift items and books
10/01/14NewFaith LessonsAdded 12 “That the Worls May Know” Faith Series DVDs with Study Guides by Ray Vander Laan, from Focus on the Family
10/01/14NewConcordances / Dictionaries / LexiconsAdded a few dozen Concordances, Dictionaries, and Lexicons to the Store, with links to hundreds more
09/30/14NewMessiainic JudaismAdded over 40 books on Messianic Judaism to the Store
09/29/14NewCommentariesAdded a new page of Bible Commentaries to the Store
09/29/14NewHebrew StudiesAdded 30 options for Hebrew Language Study to the Store
09/28/14RevisedKippasAdded 48 Kippas to the Store
09/28/14RevisedMezuzahsAdded 10 Mezuzahs to the Store
09/28/14RevisedTallitot (Prayer Shawls)Added 42 Prayer Shawls, Bags, and Clips to the Store
09/26/14RevisedWhat America Needs to Understand
About “Radical Islam”
Edited and reformatted
09/26/14RevisedObama, “the prophet of Islam,”
and Slander
Moved to a new setion and updated formatting
09/25/14RevisedB’resheet (Genesis)Finished notes and comments on the first ten chapters
09/22/14NewAbout This VersionWhy I am working on my own annotated version of the Tanakh
09/18/14NewB’resheet (Genesis)Began working on my own annotated version of the Tanakh
09/16/14RevisedSura 3. 'Ali `Imran
(The Family of Imran)
Added notes and comments to the third chapter of Mohammed’s best-selling fantasy novel.
09/16/14NewYom KippurScripture portions for Yom Kippur
09/14/14NewRosh HashanahScripture portions for Rosh Hashanah
09/13/14NewParasha Ha'azinuWeekly portions from the Torah, Haftara, and Ketuvei HaShalichim for Shabbat 27 Sep. 2014 (3 Tishri 5775)
09/12/14NewParasha Nitzavim-VayelekhWeekly portions from the Torah, Haftara, and Ketuvei HaShalichim for Shabbat 20 Sep. 2014 (25 Elul 5774)
09/11/14RevisedSura 2. Al-Baqarah (The Cow)Added notes and comments to the first two chapters of Mohammed’s best-selling fantasy novel.
Sura 1. Al-Fatihah (The Opening)
09/10/14NewBiblesAdded over 100 Bibles to the Store
09/09/14NewParasha KiTavoWeekly portions from the Torah, Haftara, and Ketuvei HaShalichim for Shabbat 13 Sep. 2014 (18 Elul 5774)
09/09/14NewWeekly ParashotA schedule of the Torah, Haftara, and Gospel readings for Shabbat and Holy Days
09/09/14NewBible BooksDivisions and Names of the Books of the Bible in Hebrew and English
09/09/14New“Moderate” Islam Does Not Exist10 proofs from the Qur'an that any “Muslim” claiming to be “moderate” is denying the Qur'an, and therefore not a “true” Muslim
NewOur StoreAdded numerous products to our fledgling store
09/07/14NewOur StoreOur store is still under construction, but we now have live links to a large number of product categories. We hope to have it fully functional by the end of October.
09/07/14NewHeaven or the Kingdom?What’s really the final destination for believers in Messiah?
09/07/14NewWhat’s New (This page)A tabulation of the most recent website changes
09/06/14RevisedThe QuranUpdated all 114 suras of Mohammed’s best-selling fantasy novel to the new format

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