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Vocabulary Matters: An introduction to some important, and sometimes unique, vocabulary used on this website. The information on this page is critical to an accurate understanding of the material on this website.


About the Author: All about the guy who wrote most of these pages

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Table of Contents: This page.

Vocabulary Matters: An introduction to some important, and sometimes unique, vocabulary used on this website. The information on this page is critical to an accurate understanding of the material on this website.

What’s New: A tabulation of recent additions and changes to the website so you don’t have to waste time looking for new and revised content.

About Us: This section provides general information about us and what we believe.

Welcome: A welcome message and some introductory contents.

Assimilation Proof: Why it is important to retain a distinct spiritual identity.

Did You Know? Some things that may surprise you about true Biblical faith.

Our Name: How we chose the name of our ministry.

Our History: How we were started and how we got to where we are.

Our Mission: Our mission statement.

Our Purpose: Why we have this ministry.

Our Responsibility: Our responsibility to the Family of Faith.

Our Teaching: Why our teaching is a bit different from what you’re familiar with.

Our Shepherd: About the shepherd of this ministry.

Our Shepherd’s Bride: About the Woman of Virtue, of blessed memory.

Learn With Us: Why you should consider using this website as a primary source of study.

If You Disagree: If you disagree with what you read here, please read this page.

Our Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs

What We Believe

Our Constitution: Contents

Our Constitution: Part 1

Our Constitution: Part 2

Our Constitution: Appendix

The Holy Community

Articles: This section of the website contains articles that do not necessarily directly relate to Torah study, Theology, or doctrinal issues. For those topics please visit our Beit Midrash (house of study).

Humor: Pages intendned to put a smile on your face and in your heart

America's 2014 Resolution

Bible Bloopers

Blonde Jokes

Bobeshi's Talmud

Bulletin Bloopers

Bumper Stickers




English 101


God's Computer

How Cold is Cold?



"Palestine" Quiz

Politially Correct



That's Bizarre!

Why is That?

Issues and Events

A Tribute to America

Abortion: America's Holocaust

American Terrorist Tactics

Antimessiah Watch

The Budweiser 9/11 Story

The Obama Messiah Cult

What Americans Need to Know About Radical Islam

Reading List

The Second America Revolution

Why Sharia Law is Bad for Everyone

Signs of the Antimessiah

Stem Cells

Treason Watch

A Warning to America's Leaders

Jewish-Christian Relations

Antisemitism in the Church

Antisemitic Decrees of the Church

The Church and the Holocaust

Replacement Theology

The Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism

A Troubled History

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Comparison of Key Beliefs

Heaven or the Kingdom?

“Jesus Christ” — A False Prophet: Why the “Jesus” of the Church is a false prophet, and not the Messiah Yeshua benYosef of either the Bible or of history

No Longer a Christian: Why I no longer identify myself as a Christian

The True Gospel: Why the “gospel” presented by the Church is not the Gospel Message of Yeshua and the Apostles

The Wedding Gown

Witnessing to Your Jewish Friends

Words to Avoid When Talking With Jewish People


Andrew’s Gospel
Gordon’s Calvary
The Garden Tomb

Just for Today

Legalism vs. Grace

Miryam’s Mistake



The Art Collector's Son

What is “Truth”?

Where To Look

Messianic Issues

The Ancient Symbol of Messianic Judaism

About the Messianic Seal

The Messianic Seal

Ancient Messianic Synagogue Seal

Most Ancient Symbol

Messianic Judaism Q & A

Prominent Messianic Jews

The Rebirth of Messianic Judaism

What is Messianic Judaism?

Why Messianic?

Why Study Hebrew?

Beit Midrash: (Hebrew: בית מדרש‎; also Beis Medrash, Beth Midrash, pl. batei midrash or botei medrash, lit. “House [of] Interpretation” or “House [of] Learning”) refers to a study hall, whether in a synagogue, yeshiva, kollel, or other building. It is distinct from a synagogue, although many synagogues are also used as batei midrash and vice versa. A Beit Midrash is a House of Study.

Vocabulary Matters: An introduction to some important, and sometimes unique, vocabulary used on this website. The information on this page is critical to an accurate understanding of the material on this website.

Bibliography: Sources for some of the information on this website, and a suggested reading list

Bible Prophecy

Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Yeshua

Mathematical Probabilities of Fulfilled Prophecies

Cults and World Religions

Cults Section Index

Changes Cults Make

The Commitment of the Cults

Evaluating and Encountering the Cults

The Seduction Syndrome

What is a Cult?

Witnessing to Cult Members

Jehovah’s Witnesses


Meet the Mormons

The Book of Mormon

The “Jesus” of the Mormons

Joseph’s Smith’s First Vision

Mormon Marriage

The Origin and History Mormonism

The Vocabulary of Mormonism

We Are “Christians” Because …

The Reorganized LDS Church

Messianic Cults

The “Sacred name” Heresy

The “Two House” Heresy

Other Significant Cults

The Obama Messiah Cult


Christ or the Lodge?

Shriners and Allah

World Religions (Index page)

The Babylon Mystery Religion


The Vocabulary of Buddhism





The Vocabulary of World Religions

The Vocabulary of Buddhism

The Vocabulary of Confucianism

The vocabulary of Hinduism

The Vocabulary of Islam

The Vocabulary of Jainism

The Vocabulary of Shintoism

The Vocabulary of Taoism

The Vocabulary of Zoroastrianism

Islam (Index page)

What Americans Need to Know About Radical Islam

The Rise of Islam

A Muslim Response

A Messianic Jew Responds

The Adhan

Can Muslims Be Good Americans?

Death to infidels

Evangelicals Who Declare that Allah is God

Proof From the Qur'an That Allah Is Not God

The Vocabulary of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam

Six Doctrines of Islam

The History of Islam

Islam and the Bible

The “Jesus” of Islam

Major Sects of Islam

Minor Sects of Islam

Moderate Islam Does Not Exist

Moderate Muslim: All Jews Should be Killed

The Qur'an

Messianic Liturgy


Theology (Section index)

An Introduction to the Science of Theology

Session 1. First Things First
Why should Believers need to study Bible doctrines?

Session 2. Principles of Bible Interpretation
Correct interpretation of the Scriptures requires use of the correct “tools.”

Session 3. Counterfeit Religion and the Last Days
Yeshua said there’d be days like this!

Session 4. Getting Down to Basics
The bare essentials of Biblical faith

Session 5: The Absolute Esssentials of Messianic Doctrine
What are the five “absolutes” — those things which one must positively believe to be “saved”?

Session 6: A Brief Summary of Biblical Doctrine
A short, concise summary of each of the major “divisions” of our Messianic Systematic Theology

Developing a Systematic Messianic Theology

Survey: what the Torah has to say about topics which cover multiple categories.

The 613 Mitzvot

The Basics of Messianic Judaism

Errors of Christianity and Judaism

Dispensational Theology Refuted

Essentials of Biblical Faith

Doctrinal Statements / Statements of Faith

A “Typical” Messianic Statement of Faith

Family Bible Messianic Ministries

Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations

Messianic Bureau International

Metroplex Messianic Fellowship

United Messianic Jewish Alliance

Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America

Rambam’s Thirteen Principles

Thirteen Principles - Messianic

About Torah: What the entire Torah, including the Tanakh and the Apostolic Writings, has to say about itself.

The Biblical Yeshua, the Church, and Torah

Hebrew Origin for the Apostolic Scriptures

Why Should I Obey Torah?

About HaShem: what the Torah has to say about the Person and Nature of the God of the Torah; specifically what it says about “Abba, the Father.”

Honest to God

Names of God

Where Did the Word “Jehovah” Come From?

Is the “Trinity” Biblical?

About Messiah: what the Torah has to say about the Person and Nature of haBen, the Son of God

The Angel of the LORD

The Great “I Am”

The Name that is Above All Names


Yeshua’ Birth Date Calculated from the Scriptures

Divisions of the Aaronic Priesthood and Their Schedule of Temple Service

Yeshua’s Immersion

UMJC Statement on Yeshua

About Ruach HaKodesh: what the Torah has to say about the Person and Nature of the “Spirit of God.”

Ruach HaKodesh and “Tongues”

About Spirit Beings: what the Torah has to say about angels, demons, seraphim, cherubim, and other spirit beings other than HaShem.




About Humanity: what the Torah has to say about the human race as a whole.

About Sin: what the Torah has to say about the source, nature, and consequences of sin.

About Salvation: what the Torah has to say about the remedy of sin and the “calling“ of “the Elect.”

Elect: chosen and redeemed from eternity past

What must I do to inherit eternal Life?

How can I know that I’m eternally secure in Messiah?

I want to follow Messiah. What do I do next?

About Holy Days: what the Torah has to say about HaShem’s appointed times and seasons.

Shabbat or “The Lord’s Day”

Sunday vs. God’s Sabbath

Why We Choose To Not Celebrate Christ’s Mass

God's Appointed Times (A List)

 “Holy” Days That Aren’t on God’s Calendar

About the Holy Community: what the Torah has to say about the nature of the Holy Community and how to live within it.

The “Commonwealth” of Israel

The Lord's Seder

Messianic Conversion (Gerut)

The CTOMC Position of Messianic Conversion

Where Did the Word "Church" Come From?

The Biblical Doctrine of Believers' Baptism

Lesson One: The Types or Kinds of Baptism in Scripture

Lesson Two: The Vocabulary of “Baptism”

Lesson 3: The Efficacy of Baptism / “Baptismal Regeneration”

Lesson 4: Selected Scriptures Related to Baptism

Appendix: And the Debate Goes On

A Glossary of Baptism

Baptism and Betrothal

Questions About Baptism

About Israel: what the Torah has to say about the Commonwealth of Israel, its land, and its people.

About Goyim (Gentiles): what the Torah has to say about the non-Jewish people of the world and their relationship to HaShem and the Commonwealth of Israel.

Messianic Goyim

Messianic Conversion (Gerut)

The CTOMC Position of Messianic Conversion

About the Future: what the Torah has to say about future events.

About Other Matters: what the Torah has to say about issues that do not fall neatly into any other category.

Frequently Asked Questions About Theology

Baptism and Betrothal

Replacement Theology


Below this line it's a real mess!

Torah Study




Contact Us


Frequently-Asked Questions


Holy Days


The History of Israel
Historical Maps of Israel
Dry Bones
Israel in Conflict

20 Facts About Israel
Alice Dancing Under the Gallows
An Open Letter to the President
America’s Shame
Baby Boomers
Carter’s “Apology”
Construction Ban in Judea and Samaria
Dear President Ahmadinejab
The Death of an Israeli Settlement
Defensible Borders
Definsible Borders on the Golan Heghts
Egypt Air Wipes Israel off the Map
The Flotilla
General Valleley’s Warning to America
Hamas Charter
History of Terrorism
Islam: Official Religion of USA
Iranian Dictatorship
Just Suppose
Land for Peace, American Style
Messianics Targeted by Terrorists
Misplaced Faith
My Plan to Stop Terrorism in Israel
Myths and Facts
The Nazi-Palestine Connection
Obama’s Israel Policy - 2008
Occupied Territories?
Occupied Territories: What Adonai Says
Occupied Territories of the USA
Palestine Quiz
Peaceful Terrorists
PLO Covenant
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Quotable Quotes
The Sun Orbits the Palestinian State
Two-State Solution Now Exixts
Understanding Israel’s Neighbors
US Policy on Israeli Settlements
Walid Shoebat
West Bank Dictionary

The Restoration of Israel

The Liberation of Jerusalem
The Eternal Capital
Restoration Prophecies


The Model for the Messianic Community


The ObamaNation of Desolation

The Qur'an

Our Store

Printer-friendly versions of selected web pages and other documents of interest. Most are in Adobe PDF format.

Andrew's Gospel: the Resurrection of Messiah as told by Andrew bar-Yonah

Chronology of the Crucifixion and Resurrection: A printer-friendly version of the web page “Crucifixion Week Chronology”

Defensible Borders on the Golan Heights by Maj.-Gen (res.) Giora Eiland

Did You Know? Some things that you probably didn’t know if you aren’t familiar with Messianic Judaism’s message.

Dr. Sawyer’s Resume

Followship in the Fellowship: The “lost art” of Biblical submission to God’s appointed leadership.

Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright by J. H. Allen. The “source document” for the Anglo-Israel heresy which claims that the British royal family are the true heirs to David’s throne.

Our Beliefs: A consise statement of what we believe and why we believe it.

Restoring Israel’s Security-First Peace Policy by Lt. Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon, Israeli Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs; former IDF Chief of Staff.

The Ephraimite Error: a scholarly refutation of “two-house/two-stick” theology.

The Model for the Messianic Community by Dr. Ari Levitt: what the author believe’s the Body of Messiah is supposed to be like.

The Truth About All Israel by Rabbi Moshe Joseph Koniuchowsky: a point-by-point response to The Ephraimite Error in support of “two-house/two-stick” theology.

Why is This Teaching Different? A brief summary of the author’s personal spiritual quest that led to the development of the teachings on this website.

Yeshua’s Birthday: Biblical Dates for the Birth of Yochanan the Immerser and for the Conception and Birth of Yeshua HaMashiach.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Holy Days
God’s appointed times and seasons

Annotated Calendar: Calendar used for calculating Messiah’s birthday

Christ-Mass: Some reasons why we choose to not celebrate Christ-Mass

Crucifixion Week Chronology: A Biblical chronology of Messiah's final week on earth as a man; resolves apparent “discrepancies” in the resurrection accounts; explains how and why Yeshua and the Talmidim observed “Passover” the day before the “Passover Lamb” was slain

Chronology of the Crucifixion and Resurrection: A printer-friendly version of the web page “Crucifixion Week Chronology”

Mashiach's Birthday: Biblical Dates for the Birth of Yochanan the Immerser and for the Conception and Birth of Yeshua HaMashiach

Tisha b'Av and 17 Tammuz: A brief listing of infamous events that took place on Tisha B'Av and 17 Tammuz throughout history.

Yeshua’s Birthday: Aprinter-friendly version of the website page "Mashiach's Birthday"

Moadim: God's Appointed Times: A list of Jewish holidays 2007-2017


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