Torah Scrolls

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Torah Scrolls - All

452265: Small Torah Scroll with Cover (7.5) Small Torah Scroll with Cover (7.5)
By Holy Land Gifts

A rich display of devotion to God's Law! Unique accent for home or office features a traditional Torah scroll with the full Hebrew text of Genesis through Deuteronomy. Brown spindles with protective velvetex cover in deep purple. Handles measure 6.25" from tip to tip; scroll is approximately 4.5". Packaged in acrylic window box for gift giving.

4547695: Jerusalem Silver Torah Scroll Jerusalem Silver Torah Scroll
By Holy Land Gifts

A replica of the torah is encased in dimensionally detailed silverplate scroll case, accented with images historical and biblical. Trimmed with goldtone Jerusalem, goldtone trims and clasp; unique design with architectural detail. Inside the hinged case is brick textured; 6.5" tall.

Paper copy of the torah inside; the city of Jerusalem is displayed as a wraparound on this case.

106650: Hebrew Torah Scroll in a Wooden Wall Frame Hebrew Torah Scroll in a Wooden Wall Frame
By Holy Land Gifts

Dimensional Torah scroll is mounted on black background in deep shadowbox design with light wooden frame. 11" x 13". Dramatic wall decor; random selection of the Torah is displayed, from the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

4549526: Torah Scroll Necklace Torah Scroll Necklace
By Holy Land Gifts

Sterling silver Torah scroll pendant with raised detailing and Star of David, a unique statement of faith from the Holy Land. .5" x 1" pendant hung on 18" fine chain with secure clasp closure. Gift for her to go with both casual and formal attire.

111553: Torah Scroll Plush Toy Torah Scroll Plush Toy
By Holy Land Gifts

Plush torah scroll replica helps kids learn more about the Jewish faith, or celebrate their own heritage! In vibrant colors, with embroidered crown and Ten Commandments design. Measures 18.5" x 6.5".

Torah Scrolls - All

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