EgyptAir Wipes Israel Off The Map

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Egypt Air Wipes Israel off the Map

Jonathon M. SeidlPosted on March 24, 2011 at 10:47am
by Jonathon M. Seidl

Accident, prophetic, or wishful thinking? Those are the questions swirling after it was discovered Egyptian airline Egypt Air does not include Isreal on a destination map on its website.

“Egypt Air, the largest airline in Egypt, has removed Israel from the map – literally,” the Israeli news outlet reports. “On its website, Ynet has learned, Jordan’s land reaches the Mediterranean Sea.”

According to the outlet, looking past Israel’s existence is odd considering one of it subsidiaries, Air Sinai, regularly flies to the tiny, Jewish country.

“On the map are the names of the Mideast capitals – Amman, Beirut, and Damascus – but Israel is nowhere to be found,” YNet says. “The omission is especially odd seeing as the company continues to fly to Israel four times a week.”

YNet does note that flights from Cairo to to Tel Aviv had been temporally halted due to unrest in Egypt, but they were eventually reinstated. However, if you try to book that route on the main Egypt Air website, you’ll be unsuccessful:

But a quick search on a third-party flight site shows Egypt Air does offer Israeli-bound flights:

We reached out to Egypt Air in New York. The representative said she “didn’t know” why Israel was removed, but did confirm that the airline does fly from Cairo to Tel Aviv via Air Sinai. She said she would alert headquarters in Cairo and see what they said.

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