The Death of an Israeli Settlement

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The Death of an Israeli Settlement

Different Settlement • Same Message

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In a futile attempt to exchange God’s Land for a temporary peace, on Thursday August 18, 2005, the misguided government of Israel surrendered the Jewish settlement of Kfar Darom in the southern Gaza Strip to Islamic terrorists without a single shot being fired. As a result, in 2012, 1,632 rockets hits were identified in Israeli territory.

Between June 12 and July 7, 2014, Hamas and other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip fired approximately 300 rockets at Israeli civilians. Although Israel showed great restraint and called for the cessation of the rocket attacks, Hamas kept firing indiscriminately at Israeli towns and cities. After three weeks of restraint in the face of incessant rocket attacks, Israel was left with no alternative but to respond in order to protect its civilian population and restore calm to southern Israel.

Between July 8 and 17, 2014, some 1,500 rockets were launched at Israel, 300 of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Between July 8, and August 19, 2014, 2,842 rockets hits were identified in Israel. This is the number of actual hits, and does not include mortar shell fire and rocket hits inside the Gaza Strip or the number that were intercepted by the Iron Dome system.
(Source: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

The first image in this series is of Israeli settlers performing morning prayers in front of their synagogue in the Jewish settlement of Kfar Darom in the southern Gaza Strip on Thursday Aug. 18, 2005. The signs read in Hebrew “Kfar Darom will not fall again” and “For the Lord will not abandon His people or abandon His land.” Some of those Israeli patriots to whom the liberal press disparagingly refers to as “hard-liners” have barricaded themselves behind loops of barbed wire. At dawn that morning, thousands of reluctant IDF troops under orders from a misguided government marched into Kfar Darom to remove those settlers. By mid-morning, the forces began carrying away protesters in shacks and tents at the edges of the settlement. It is to the government of Israel’s great shame that the valiant Israel Defense Forces, the bravest and most efficient fighting force on earth, are being forced to “disengage” their own people from the land that God gave to Avraham, Yitzhak, Ya`akov, and their descendants forever. The last few images are the tragic — but inevitable — result of that “disengagement.”

Morning prayers in Kfar Darom, Gaza
IDF at the gates of Kfar Darom
IDF stands guard outside the confinement area
Residents are devistated by the Government’s order
IDF soldiers aren't too happy about the order either
IDF soldier comforts a “displaced” citizen
IDF soldiers trying to comfort the Government's victims
"Displaced" citizen comforts an IDF soldier who is forced to carry out the Government order

Where's his fiddle?

Hey, G-d! How can You stand by and watch this happen ... again?

But doesn't the Torah say that this land is mine forever?

This isn't what I signed up for when I agreed to defend Israel!

Shades of Aushwich — Israeli citizens in the holding area awaiting transportation
Does Israel have boxcars on their rail system?
Even the flag is upset about the Government action
Another Exodus begins
IDF closes the gates on Kfar Darom
Palestinian terrorists declare victory in Kfar Darom. A whole village destroyed without wasting a single suicide bomber!
A new flag rises over the Israeli town of Kfar Darom ...
... the new residents
move in ...
... and bring their furniture with them!

Oh, ADONAI! “Remember Avraham, Yitz'chak and Isra'el, Your servants, to whom You swore by Your very Self. You promised them, ‘I will make your descendants as many as the stars in the sky; and I will give all this land I have spoken about to your descendants; and they will possess it forever.’” — Exodus (Sh'mot) 32:13Read This Chapter

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