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Developing a Systematic Messianic Theology
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This section contains Frequently-Asked Questions specific to the subject of Theology.
See also:
Frequently Asked Questions for non-Theology questions and answers.

What is Replacement Theology?
Replacement Theology is the heretical teaching that God, Who cannot lie and Who never changes, has arbitrarily cancelled the “everlasting covenants” that He made with Avraham, Yitzhak, and Ya`akov, and with “their descendants forever,” and has transferred those promises to the Gentile “church.” This is a lie straight from the pit of Hell that is particularly detestable to all Believers in Israel’s Messiah because it makes God a liar, and renders the Bible just another book of legends and fables. Read the article here.
I am interested in what you teach about the two houses of Israel — the two-stick question.
I don’t personally make it a practice to teach anything about “Two-House” Theology, mainly because such discussion rarely proves profitable to anybody. Read the article here.
What do you teach about Dispensations and Dispensational Theology?
For me, the time periods that Dr. Scofield defined as “dispensations” are no more than convenient “mile markers” on the road of history to remind us of what God had revealed to man up to that time. (This concept is also known as “progressive revelation.”) As we study the Scriptures, it is important to realize which time period we are reading about, and understand that the books in the Bible are not in chronological order. Read the article here.
Names of God
In what instances are the names of God used? I listened to a study one time that briefly touched on it but I'm still unsure. The person conducting the study was all over the place and very hard to follow. He said “Elohim” refers to God as Creator… Yahweh, as deliverer — and beyond that he lost me completely. Read the article here.









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