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The Terrorist Watch by Ronald Kessler

The Terrorist Watch by Ronald Kessler

“You make a mistake, there are dead people.”
—FBI Special Agent Art Cummings, head of international counterterrorism operations

Drawing on unprecedented access to FBI and CIA counterterrorism operatives, New York Times bestselling author Ronald Kessler presents the chilling story of terrorists’ relentless efforts to mount another devastating attack on the United States and of the heroic efforts being made to stop those plots.

Kessler takes you inside the war rooms of this battle—from the newly created National Counterterrorism Center to FBI headquarters, from the CIA to the National Security Agency, from the Pentagon to the Oval Office—to explain why we have gone so long since 9/11 without a successful attack and to reveal the many close calls we never hear about. The race to stop the terrorists, Kessler shows, is more desperate than ever.

Based on exclusive interviews with FBI Director Robert Mueller, CIA Director Michael Hayden, White House Counterterrorism Chief Fran Townsend, and dozens of key intelligence operatives at all levels, The Terrorist Watch:

• tells the previously unreported story of how the United States helped thwart the 2006 London terrorist plot, broke up terrorist cells in Canada, and prevented numerous other attacks

• reveals how the CIA and FBI have rolled up more than 5,000 terrorists worldwide since 9/11

• provides a stunning insider’s account from the FBI agent who spent eight months debriefing Saddam Hussein after his capture

• pinpoints press leaks that have resulted in CIA agents’ deaths, caused foreign countries to stop cooperating on key investigations, and even tipped off Osama bin Laden to U.S. surveillance

• destroys numerous media myths, such as the canard that the FBI and CIA still don’t cooperate on investigations

• discloses the truth about the number of U.S. mosques where imams preach jihad

• shows how the intelligence community has radically changed its mission—and how the media have misled the public about those changes

Never before has a journalist gained such access to the FBI, the CIA, the National Counterterrorism Center, and the other agencies that are doing the unheralded work of finding and capturing terrorists.

Ronald Kessler’s you-are-there narrative tells the real story of the war on terror and will transform the way you view the greatest problem of our age.

About the Author

Ronald Kessler is the New York Times bestselling author of sixteen nonfiction books, including The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI; Inside the CIA; Inside the White House; A Matter of Character; and Laura Bush: An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady. A former Washington Post and Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, Kessler has won sixteen journalism awards, including two George Polk Awards. He is chief Washington correspondent of Kessler lives in Potomac, Maryland, with his wife, Pamela. His website is

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Ari’s Comments

Kessler names and identifies specific organizations and individuals who should be charged with treason for aiding and abetting Islam's war against the Western World, specifically against the United States and Israel in particular and against Judaism and Christianity in general. [My emphasis in the following two definitions.]

trea·son  (tr zn)
n. 1. Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
A betrayal of trust or confidence.
  [Middle English, from Anglo-Norman treson, from Latin trditi, trditin-, a handing over; see tradition.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2003. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


es·pi·o·nage  (sp--näzh, -nj)
n. The act of obtaining, delivering, transmitting, communicating, or receiving information about the national defense with an intent, or reason to believe, that the information may be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation. Espionage is a violation of 18 United States Code 792-798 and Article 106, Uniform Code of Military Justice. See also counterintelligence.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.


According to my own personal interpretation of the information in this book, the following organizations and individuals could (in my opinion, should) be charged with either treason and/or espionage as defined above:

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (pp. 34, 63-67, 169, 170, 198)

Bradley, Ed (60 Minutes) (p. 71)

Clinton, Bill (pp. 12, 33, 57, 85, 87, 88, 150)

Clinton, Hillary (pp. 235-236)

Drumheller, Tyler (former chief of CIA's European Division on 60 Minutes) (p.69)

Edwards, John (pp. 208, 234-235, 236, 244)

Klein, Naomi in the Nation (p. 65)

Kucinich, Dennis J. (p. 65)

New York Times (pp. 56-57, 69, 76-77, 79-80, 114, 109, 127, 129, 131-132, 136, 137, 138, 168-169, 195, 207-208, 210-211, 237-239, 240-241, 244)

Obama, Barack (p. 235-236)

Pelosi, Nancy (p. 235-236)

Reid, Harry (p. 235-236)

Washington Post (pp. 56-57, 68-69, 70-71, 72, 73-74, 75-76, 77, 79, 80, 84-85, 86, 88, 102-103, 129, 137, 138, 195, 213, 238, 241)

The Fight for Jerusalem:
Radical Islam, the West, and the Future of the Holy City

Dore Gold

Jerusalem: center of faith—or apocalyptic trigger?

The fight for JerusalemRadical Islam has long desired to seize Jerusalem and cut it off to Christian and Jewish believers. In his revealing new book, The Fight for Jerusalem, bestselling author and former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold explains why the battle for Jerusalem is intensifying today. Gold shows why only Israel can preserve its holy places for Christians, Jews, and even Muslims, and why uncovering Jerusalem's past—and the truth of biblical history—can be the key to saving its future.

With sites holy to Christians, Jews, and Muslims, Jerusalem has always been a potential—and sometimes actual—fault line between East and West. Now it is a potential powder keg. As former Israeli ambassador, New York Times bestselling author, and Middle East expert Dore Gold explains in this stunning new book, the city has become central to the radical Islamists’ apocalyptic vision of global jihad.

In The Fight for Jerusalem, Gold argues that if Jerusalem is to be a free city where all faiths can be practiced, it will have to remain under Israeli sovereignty, because the United Nations is untrustworthy and the increasingly radical Muslim Palestinians are looking to obliterate other faiths from Jerusalem, not tolerate them.

With stunning clarity and deep scholarship, Gold reveals:

  • Why turning over part or all of Jerusalem to the Palestinians would be tantamount to turning it over to the Taliban

  • How Palestinians are destroying archaeological evidence of the ancient Jewish presence in Jerusalem, particularly on the Temple Mount

  • How Western diplomatic concessions feed wild apocalyptic speculations of radical Muslims—and how the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza strengthened Palestinian extremists, not moderates

  • How radical Muslims are making common cause with biblical skeptics to deny Old Testament history—and how the latest archaeological findings in Jerusalem confirm the historical truth of the Bible

  • How the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine didn’t create a new right of the Jews to settle in Palestine—it acknowledged their pre-existing right to do so

  • The role of radical Islam in the “intifada” against Israel

  • Why any future negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over the status of Jerusalem have very little chance of producing an agreement

Holy site, center of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and emerging focal point of radical Islam’s jihad against the West: no city is more important to the peace of the world than Jerusalem. And no book is more important to understanding how that peace can be safeguarded than Dore Gold’s The Fight for Jerusalem.

About the Author

Dore Gold is the author of the New York Times bestseller Hatred’s Kingdom and the president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He served as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations from 1997 through 1999, was foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, has been a diplomatic envoy to the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, the Persian Gulf states, and the Palestinian Authority, and has been intimately involved in Arab-Israeli negotiations. Ambassador Gold, who earned his Ph.D. in International Relations and Middle East Studies from Columbia University, has written numerous books and articles on the Middle East. His articles have appeared in such publications as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, and the Daily Telegraph. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and two children.





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