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The Name of Our Ministry

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The original name of our congregation was Family Bible Church for the reasons outlined on this page. Our name was subsequently changed to B'nei HaMelech (Children of the King) Messianic Fellowship because we decided to conduct our lives, our fellowship, and our worship in a manner that more accurately reflects our position in relationship to the Covenants of the God of Avraham [Abraham], Yitzchak [Isaac], and Ya'akov [Jacob], and to the family with which God made those covenants. Some of us were were born Jewish, as physical descendants of Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya'akov, and have been “rejected” by many of our Jewish brethren because of our faith in Yeshua HaMashiach [Yeshua the Messiah] as Israel’s King Messiah, Mashiach ben David. Others of us who were not born of the household of Israel have been “grafted into” the Olive Tree, as Israel is often referred to in the Bible because the roots of the olive tree never die. Together we wished to build a local community of faith in which both Jewish and non-Jewish Believers in Messiah may worship together as truly echad b'Mashiach (one in Messiah).

When we first organized our fellowship, we originally chose the name “Family Bible Church” because we hoped that the name would truly reflect what we stood for and believed, and how we managed the affairs of our fellowship. Although this page refers to the original name of our fellowship, the ideas expressed herein have not changed.


… because God created the family as His final and crowning act of special creation. We believe that God created the family unit to demonstrate to man the special relationship that exists between the three divine Persons of The One God. The husband/wife relationship is a beautiful picture of God’s covenant relationship with Israel and of Mashiach’s relationship with His Elect (Ecclesia in the Greek Scriptures and Miqra in the Hebrew Scriptures; literally, His “Called-Out Ones”).

We hold the marriage vows to be an irrevocable covenant between a man and a woman in the same manner as God’s irrevocable covenants with Israel and Yeshua’s irrevocable covenant with His Elect. We therefore believe the family to be an inseparable unit and worthy of our first and best effort and responsibility second only to our individual responsibility to God.


… because we hold the Bible—both the Tanakh (the Hebrew Scriptures or so-called “Old Testament”) and the (Apostolic Writings or the so-called “New Testament”) taken together as a single, inseparable, compound unit [echad in Hebrew] to be our sole source of revelation of God and His divine plan, and our final authority in all matters of faith and practice, including all issues regarding policy and procedure for our assembly.


… because we believe the word “church” is an extremely inaccurate trendering of the word used in the Apostolic Scriptures to refer to those who are part of the “Body of Christ.” Although we originally called ourselves “Church,” since our original foundation as a local body of Believers we have come to learn that there is a much more accurate term for the Body of Mashiach.

Although we do not now necessarily “object” to the use of the word “church” when used for a Gentile body of Believers, it should be clearly understand that the use of the word “church” in the English “New Testament” has absolutely no valid linguistic reason or precedent beyond Gentile (specifically Roman Catholic) tradition. It is an incorrect (and, we believe, originally intentionally misleading, manipulative, and deliberately anti-Semitic) translation of the Greek word ekklesia (ekklesia), which is in turn a valid translation of the Hebrew word lhq (qahal), which should be translated as “called out,” “called out ones,” “assembly,” or “congregation.” [Please see our article “Where Did the Word ‘Church’ Come From?” for a more detailed discussion of the word “church.”]

There are many within the “Messianic Restoration” movement who object to the use of the word “church” for a congregation of Messianic Believers because of the historical record of well over 1,500 years of persecution of the Jews by an apostate “Church,” and we would be forced to agree with that objection.

We are absolutely convinced that it was never Yeshua’s intent to “start a new religion” but rather only to fulfill, complete, and correct what was wrong with the Judaism into which he was born. We therefore believe that the most valid form of worship is that practiced by Yeshua and His talmidim (disciples). We have therefore chosen to identify ourselves with that group of believers that is known variously as “the Messianic Movement,” “Messianic Judaism,” or “Messianic Restoration” [not to be confused with “Hebrew Christianity” or “Jewish Christianity” which is almost completely Gentile in nature].

We further believe that much of the conflict that now exists between Christians and Jews has been caused by anti-Semitic and anti-Gentile language that has crept into the household of faith. For example, the word “Jesus” is nothing but a compounding of errors, which may or may not have been intentionally anti-Semitic in their origin. Nobody who ever knew Yeshua in the flesh ever referred to Him by that word. In fact, it grammatically impossible to say that word in either Hebrew or Aramaic, as neither language has the “jay” sound.

The Hellenistic Nazarenes (Believers in Messiah, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who longed to be a identified with the Greek culture) of the second century and later transliterated His name from the Hebrew Yeshua [wXy into Greek as Iesou (Iesu). [“Transliterate” is to write a word from one language phonetically using the alphabet from a different language.] When the “church” became centered in Rome and the Greek Scriptures were translated into Latin, the Romans added an “s” on the end of His name (because virtually all masculine Greek and Latin words end in “s”) making it Iesouß or “Iesus.” Then the Germans came along during the Reformation and changed the “I” to a “J” making the word “Jesus.” And then the men who translated the Latin and German version of the Scriptures into English didn’t bother to correct the error, and the error has been continued unabated by nearly all more recent translators. In the meantime, as more and more Gentiles were brought into Nazarene (or Messianic) Judaism, Yeshua became thought of less as the Jewish Messiah and more as the “Gentile God.” [Please see our article on the origin of the word “Jesus” for more information.]

As the Gentile “Church” became more and more anti-Semitic and the persecutions “in the name of Jesus” became more and more severe, Jews around the world began to hate that word more and more, and for good reason. But just stop and think how difficult that persecution would have been if the Gentiles had remembered that they were nothing more nor less than “adopted” members of a distinctly (and originally exclusively) Jewish movement. And how much more difficult it would have been to persecute Jews “in the name of” Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. (See also our discussion on the word Jehovah.)

In an attempt to help “restore” the Biblical faith to that form practiced by Yeshua and the Talmidim, we chose to identify ourselves as a Messianic Jewish fellowship, refer to ourselves as “Miqra,”  “Congregation,” or “Community” instead of “church.” Our ministry is still registered with the government (sigh!) as a “church” for the purposes of Section 501(c)(3) of the Infernal Revenue Code, which keeps the government from interfering with our organizational operation.

Although we no longer function as an active congregation, we will continue our Messianic ministry for as long as Adonai grants us breath or until Ruach haKodesh leads us in a diffent direction.

Who would want to learn with us?

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