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Constitution of
B'Nei HaMelech Messianic Fellowship

Adopted February 1, 1997

Table of Contents


ARTICLE I: Name and Purpose

Section 1 — Name

Section 2 — Purpose

A. Our Responsibility

1. Our Responsibility Toward God

2. Our Responsibility Toward Our Family

3. Our Responsibility Toward the Body of Mashiach

4. Our Responsibility Toward the Lost

5. Our Responsibility Toward Israel

B. Our Activities

C. Mission Statement

Section 3 — Taxpayer Status

ARTICLE II: Doctrinal Summary

Section 1 — Concerning the Bible

Section 2 — Concerning God

Section 3 — Concerning Yeshua HaMashiach

Section 4 — Concerning Ruach HaKodesh

Section 5 — Concerning Angels

Section 6 — Concerning Man

Section 7 — Concerning Sin

Section 8 — Concerning Salvation

Section 9 — Concerning the Miqra

Section 10 — Concerning Authority in the Miqra

Section 11 — Concerning Leadership in the Miqra

Section 12 — Concerning Activities of the Miqra

A. Water Baptism (Mikvah)

B. The Lord’s Supper

C. Stewardship

D. The Miqra and Civil Government

E. Discipline in the Local Congregation

F. Missions and the Miqra

G. Denominationalism Within the Miqra

Section 13 — Concerning the Future

A. Mashiach’s Earthly Kingdom

B. The Final Rebellion and Judgment

C. The Eternal State

Section 14 — Miscellaneous Other Doctrines

A. Creation

B. Human Sexuality

C. The Sanctity of Life

Section 15 — Authority of this Article

ARTICLE III: Membership

Section 1 — Qualifications of Membership

Section 2 — Responsibilities of Membership

Section 3 — Privileges of Membership

Section 4 — Termination of Membership

Section 5 — Discipline/Reconciliation

A. Disciplinary Procedure

B. Reconciliation Procedure

ARTICLE IV: Officers

ARTICLE V: Amendments

Appendix: Use of the Word “Church”

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